Protect Patients, Personnel and Visitors

Healthcare Security Systems

Healthcare facilities both large and small face a number of ever-changing challenges today such as protecting staff and patients while always keeping in touch with what's going on throughout the facility around the clock. In addition, healthcare providers must secure sensitive information such as patient information and medical supplies.

Many large-scale facilities need comprehensive systems unique to healthcare environments. Sound Solutions Digital Surveillance Group offers top-quality CCTV systems and visual surveillance as well as system alerts in the event of unwanted intrusion or other threat.

A properly designed and implemented video surveillance system helps secure vital information that administrators need to manage their facilities effectively.

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Options & Benefits



High Definition (HI-Def) Megapixel Cameras

Secure Network Integration (windows)

SSI Assist (Allows for remote software upgrades / support)

Remote Apps for Phones and Tablets (windows / IOS)

Patient Management & Safety

Perimeter Protection

Asset Protection

Situational Awareness

Faster response in emergency event

Visitor Management

Real-time detection of threats

Parking Lot Monitoring

Pick up / Drop off Traffic Monitoring

Real-time viewing capability

Audio Recording

180 / 360 Degree Panoramic Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

24-Hour System Health Monitoring

Video Analytics

Facility Mapping

Access Control Integration