A Complex Warehouse Environment Needs Security and Monitoring

Warehouse & Factory Security Systems

Having an extensive network of CCTV cameras in a warehouse is a no-brainer. A well-designed security system will ensure that no activity in the warehouse goes unnoticed. Placing cameras in blind spots or weak areas will act as a deterrent to thieves or vandals. And, if a break-in does occur, you'll have captured everything on camera for the authorities.

With the complexity inherent with today's warehouse environment, managers are finding they often need to be in more than one place at the same time. Putting today's surveillance technology to work for you makes for a good return on investment.

Safety in the Workplace

Security systems can improve safety in the workplace by giving you the ability to review and monitor employee activity as well as a practical tool to help them adhere to your "best" practices. Efficiency is also achieved by giving your management team a birds-eye view of your operation. Our team will help you put together a system that will help you secure your property, your operation and your staff. Get the conversation started today.

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Options & Benefits



High Definition (HI-Def) Megapixel Cameras

Secure Network Integration (windows)

SSI Assist (Allows for remote software upgrades / support)

Remote Apps for Phones and Tablets (windows / IOS)

Employee & Warehouse Safety

Perimeter Protection

Asset Protection

Mitigates slip and fall complaints

Manage Inventory Loss

Reduce Shrinkage / Theft

Parking Lot Monitoring

Monitor Operational Efficiency

Verify Opening / Closing Times

Vendor / Delivery Management

Audio Recording

180 / 360 Degree Panoramic Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

24-Hour System Health Monitoring

Video Analytics

Facility Mapping

Access Control Integration