Our Approach to Surveillance

Start with Professionals You Can Trust

Designing Your System

We don't work from "kits". Each security system we design is geared towards individual client needs. Our team will assess what is needed for management, security and loss prevention tools that is a fit for each business or residential location.

Camera Placement

Most clients are aware of security problem areas at their home or business. It is our job to point out other areas you may not have thought of. Our surveillance experts have years of experience and know how to identify and cover vulnerable areas for security. We'll help you design the best system for your location.


At Sound Solutions Digital Surveillance Group we take the time to do it right the first time -- and that's how we approach every job we do. Our technicians have multiple certifications in Information Technology and networking. When the installation phase begins no detail is too small. We begain by drawing a camera map of the location.

This map shows us where each camera is placed on the property and what kind of radius each camera covers. This helps to maximize coverage and prevent blind spots. Next a wire map is drawn for our technicians. It carefully plans the location of every wire, making sure they are neat and never exposed to the elements.

Testing Phase

The final phase of our process is the testing phase. This is the time we test each and every camera and take the time for each client to understand and use their new system. We want our clients to be comfortable operating the sytem after we leave, so we can take as much time as needed to answer questions and give demonstrations until you have a firm understanding of how to work your surveillance system.