Sound Solutions Digital Surveillance Group

Retail Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems Protect Against Common Retail Crimes

Retail store owners are forever plagued by the threat of shoplifting and employee theft. Every store front is different in terms of its size and merchandise layout, but each has an exit and entrance, cash register station and sales floor. Properly installed retail security systems can help reduce the number of crimes while also ensuring that the ones that do happen are recorded on camera.

At Sound Solutions Digital Surveillance Group we care that you get the best surveillance solution the first time. To help with that process, we continually research new technology to determine which ones are ready for the market, evaluate Return On Investment (ROI), lifetime cost of ownership, practicality and your individual needs. We have many technology solutions that are scalable and allow you to build your system over time - keeping budgets in check.

Our team will help you navigate the technology options that will work best for you. From POS integration, video analytics, to helping you adhere to PCI compliance, we have the experience and the right virtue to guide you to the best decision possible for this critical investment.

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Options & Benefits



High Definition (HI-Def) Megapixel Cameras

Secure Network Integration (windows)

SSI Assist (Allows for remote software upgrades / support)

Remote Apps for Phones and Tablets (windows / IOS)

Employee and Store Safety

Perimeter Protection

Asset Protection

Mitigates Slip and Fall Complaints

Manage Inventory Loss

Reduce Shrinkage / Theft

Parking Lot Monitoring

Monitor OPERATIONAL Efficiency

Verify Opening / Closing Times

Vendor Management

Audio Recording

Point-of-Sale Exception Reports / Alerts

180 / 360 Degree Panoramic Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

24-Hour System Health Monitoring

Video Analytics

Facility Mapping

Access Control Integration