Restaurant and Hospitality

Restaurant Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Restaurants face a large range of security challenges on a daily basis such as high employee turnover, a varied customer base, theft and more. A custom designed security system and CCTV can help reduce the losses commonly associated with owning and running a restaurant.

Benefits of Installing Security Systems

There are many additional benefits to installing security systems in your restaurant such as:

  • Reduce fraudulent lawsuits
  • Prevent employee theft
  • Prevent overpouring
  • Aiding in customer disputes
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce workplace violence
  • Curb sexual harassment issues

Midwest's Leading Provider of Security Systems

Sound Solutions Digital Surveillance Group is proud to be a surveillance partner for many large restaurant groups here in the heartland. We understand the unique business challenges facing restaurant owners and are committed to providing you the right solution the first time. You can depend on our quality, service and integrity to deliver the very best solution for your surveillance needs.

Our team will help you navigate the technology options that will work best for you. For a no obligation consultation, give us a call at (800) 748-8222.

Surveillance Options & Benefits



High Definition (HI-Def) Megapixel Cameras

Secure Network Integration (windows)

SSI Assist (Allows for remote software upgrades / support)

Remote Apps for Phones and Tablets (windows / IOS)

Employee / Restaurant Safety

Perimeter Protection

Asset Protection

Situational Awareness

Ensure Operational Efficiency

Real-time detection of threats

Parking Lot Monitoring

Drive-thru Traffic Monitoring

Real-time viewing capability

Audio Recording

180 / 360 Degree Panoramic Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

24-Hour System Health Monitoring

Video Analytics

Facility Mapping

Access Control Integration

POS Integration